I have been asked why I would want to run for office in Hartford.

I have a respected, successful business in town.  I am and have been active in New Milford in local government and in many other volunteer organizations fortaken by NMRTC Offical Photographer, Frank Short almost twenty years.  (Town Council, Board of Ed, EDC, Rotary, NMCOC).

So who needs the hassle of Hartford and the Democratic machine that has lost touch with reality and the people they are supposed to represent.

My answer is simple….

I have had enough.  I have had enough of the one-party Democratic machine that is ruining our state.  Democrats have controlled the House of Reps for 32 out of the last 36 years and have had super-majorities in the House and Senate for the last 4 years.  Enough is Enough.

Anyone who says that we need to follow Malloy’s lead and that they want to join the team in Hartford that passed the biggest set of tax increases of all time either isn’t paying attention or hasn’t lived here very long.

Our town was the home of one of our nation’s great Patriots, Roger Sherman, a signer of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

In his time, Roger Sherman also had had enough.  He refused to stand on the sidelines and complain about things without doing anything.  He knew that in order to obtain freedom and liberty and to get out from under the yoke of oppression, that a Revolution was necessary.

Today, I believe that we are ready for a revolution; a different type of revolution.

Let’s begin our own War of Independence, independence from being over-taxed, from being over-regulated, from the waste, the overspending and the back room deals that are hammered out by the Democratic machine in Hartford.

We are fed up with being overtaxed, overburdened, over regulated by a government that has proven itself year after year to be a money losing proposition, spending more than it makes, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and then lying to us about what they will or won’t do.

We have big problems in Hartford and across the nation.  It is time that we understand how our economy, our jobs and the prospects for our children are affected by our great state of CT being:

  • Number 1 in overall taxes.
  • 4th Highest in Debt Per Capita
  • 44th Worst state in which to do business
  • We are the Worst place to retire
  • Saddled this year with a Projected budget deficit of $300 million

The time to revolutionize the way Hartford does business is now.

I want to bring a clear voice to Hartford to say enough is enough.  I have the skills, the experience, the passion and the ability to make a long lasting and positive impact on how we govern ourselves so that our children and our grandchildren will be free of the almost insurmountable debt we are now facing.

We need to give to our children the gift of Independence, the gift of Independence that our country’s founders gave to us.

Remember, Connecticut is the Constitution State — the first state to ratify the Constitution.  Let us again here tonight be first – first to draw a line in the sand both state-wide and nationally and say “No More – Enough is Enough.”

With your support I look forward to helping New Milford and the State of Connecticut fulfill its unlimited potential to once again become truly “revolutionary” – not just as a tourism catch-phrase.