Yes, even Fido needs to pay taxes.    All New Milford dogs are required to be registered.   This can be done by either stopping into Town Hall and visiting the Town Clerk or by mail.    Male and Female dogs which are neutered or spayed are $8.00 and you must bring proof of the altering.   Intact canines are $19.00.  The fees go up $1 for every month you are late.   Owners must also have an updated Rabies Certificate and this can easily be provided by your licensed veterinarian.  All dogs require their licenses to be current to visit the local Dog Park.

To accomplish this via mail:. Send a check payable to Town Clerk, for the appropriate fee, proof of rabies vaccination, proof of spaying or neutering and a self addressed stamped envelope to Town Clerk, 10 Main Street, New Milford, CT 06776.