I am so happy to hear that Pete Bass is running for mayor of New Milford.

When former Mayor Pat Murphy asked me to volunteer several years ago, I had the pleasure of serving alongside Pete on the Economic Development Corporation and got to know him quite well.

Today we belong to the Greater New Milford Business Association together. It is a networking group that meets downtown every Friday.

If you don’t know Pete, he is kind, thoughtful and patient. I saw him weigh all sides of the issues we discussed, sort them quickly and voice his opinion without a hint of ego or personal agenda.

I am certainly ready for a change in this town’s leadership. When I listen to matters facing this town all I hear is lack of transparency and acrimony.

“Why?,” I ask myself.

Great leaders overcome this sort of thing, driving transparency, inclusion and debate to lead us out of the darkness, but I don’t see any effort in this regard at all.

Fortunately our voices are heard every two years and felt obligated to share my observations of Pete before November’s election.

He would be a refreshing change and I certainly will continue to vouch for his integrity as a man and as a leader to pull this town together again.

Tom Lindberg