Peter Schmitt and his wife, Kathy, have been full-time residents of New Milford since 2009. They had spent their adult lives working and living in various regions including Long Island, where they were born and raised, Ohio, Maine, where their son Eric was born, Middletown- CT, Rockland County- NY, and finally, New Milford.  They have resided in Connecticut at two separate times in a total of five different homes: Middletown in the 1980’s and New Milford in the 2000’s.

Peter and Kathy fell in love with New Milford after having spent three summer vacations on Candlewood Lake. On their third vacation stay, they had decided to purchase a lake community home as a respite get away from Long Island. They had enjoyed the area so much that they had decided to make the full-time transition to the area. In fact, Peter relocated his business from Long Island to Brookfield prior to them relocating their residence.

Peter is the sole shareholder of Textile Development Associates, Inc. with a corporate office in New Milford and a place of operation in Brookfield.  His business provides textile materials to medical device manufacturers for the manufacture of implantable medical devices.

Peter had first gotten involved in serving his community by volunteering to become a Board Member of The Candlewood Trails Association and Commissioner of the Roads Committee during his residency in Candlewood Trails.  Upon Peter and Kathy relocating to a new home in the farm region in the hills of New Milford, he volunteered to become an Alternate Member of the New Milford Planning Commission and has been in the position for the past three years. His dedication with the commission led him to be selected to serve on the New Milford River Front Revitalization Committee that was formed earlier this year.