The New Milford Republican Town Committee platform pledges to ….

1. Encourage Civil & Respectful Debate
We strongly believe that everyone should have a voice, no matter their political party.  The most successful government is one that considers all viewpoints and debates matters civilly and respectfully.

2. Promote Fiscal Responsibility
We are determined to fundamentally change how town government views taxpayers. We support the belief that each person who lives, works, or conducts business in New Milford does so in order to support smaller, less expensive, and less intrusive government.

3. Support Quality Education
We support an innovative and cost-effective public education system where children are offered a challenging curriculum, gain essential knowledge and develop the skills necessary to achieve their full potential.

4. Respect Constitutional Principles and Private Property
We embrace the constitutional principals of individual freedom, the separation of powers and limited democratic government. Local land-use restrictions must serve vital public interest, not political whims or partisan ideologies. We respect the fundamental rights of property owners.

5. Attract Economic Development
We will encourage economic development by reducing or eliminating unwarranted bureaucratic barriers to business, commerce and free market competition.

6. Encourage Innovative and Less Intrusive Government
We believe that people governed least are governed best. Local government policies must strengthen and protect individual freedom, family life, neighborhoods and the community. The government must become efficient at its core functions, and do it with less tax revenue, not more.
We believe that these bold, innovative Republican ideas will help make New Milford a better, more affordable place to live for every citizen.

Thank you for reading our platform and we humbly ask you to support the Republican officials whom have been elected or appointed to serve you and will stand for these principles.